Streamline Your Holiday Shopping With The Amazon Echo

Do you always look at those people who have all their holiday shopping done by December 1st and wonder how they do it? The secret is using the Amazon Echo for holiday shopping. Along with its personal assistant, Alexa, the Echo can make holiday shopping a breeze, no matter how many people you’re shopping for. In fact, it can do almost anything (aside from downloading a catch a cheater app). Here’s how the Echo can help you this holiday season.

Create Shopping Lists

You can use the Echo to create different shopping lists for all the people in your life. So if you need to get five Secret Santa gifts for the office, church, or gift swaps, just tell Alexa to create a gift swap list. You can read off the names of the people you’re buying gifts for, and Alexa will save that list for you. Then you can create separate lists for anyone else you need to buy gifts for, like your kids or extended family. All of your shopping lists will be just a voice command away.

Search For Gifts

With the Amazon Echo, you don't need to go shopping in stores.

You don’t even have to step foot in a store this holiday season.

Alexa can also help you make your purchases. Tell Alexa to search for a particular gift, such as a catch a cheater app, and you’ll find out where it’s being sold for the lowest price. You’ll also find out the cost of shipping and other information before you buy it. Don’t waste time comparing prices on different websites, because Alexa will do that for you. You can also just tell Alexa to order your gift from a specific site, and it’ll soon be on its way to you. There’s no need to stress about organizing several different gift lists.

Track Packages

Plus, you can use Alexa to track your packages, so you’ll know when your gifts will arrive to your home or their destination. If you’re mailing something out, you can pay for and print postage online that will give you and Alexa a tracking number. Once your mail carrier picks up your package, you can ask Alexa to track it and let you know when it’ll be delivered. Alexa makes shipping gifts or keeping track of packages simple, easy, and stress free. And if there’s a problem with the gift, you can have Alexa process the return for you, too.

I never realized how much the Amazon Echo could simplify holiday shopping until I discovered how many different tasks Alexa could do. Now, it takes a lot less time. Because Alexa takes care of it all for me, I can focus on the fun parts of the holidays, like cooking and spending time with my family. Or, in my own free time, I can look up a gaming or a catch a cheater app to keep myself occupied. In short, using the Amazon Echo to streamline my holiday shopping was the best thing I ever did to prepare for the holidays.