Have A Great Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is known as Independence Day, and a day off from work. So how are you spending your holiday this year? While it’s easy to lie on the couch and eat Cheetos, I suggest you throw an awesome party with friends. I have a pool party every year and invite our family and friends. We dance and drink pretty late in the night, even though we have work the next day. And you should too. Here are my tips for throwing the ultimate Fourth of July party. This holiday only comes around once a year and has immense significance. Besides partying think about what it stands for.

Fourth of July

Make Fun Drinks

Party Drinks

Choosing your alcohol menu for a Fourth of July party is pretty easy. The drinks just need to be red, white and blue. Food is a bit harder to get that color. One option is layering three different shots that are red, white and blue. Next, a no-brainer, you could make jello shots that are those three color. That is super fun and easy to make. Lastly, you could make sangria with blueberries, strawberries, and pineapples to seem patriotic. Just make sure they do a public background check on an Uber driver.

Fun Desserts

Like I said earlier it is hard to get “patriotic looking” food. You are better off just catering any type of food and then going all out with the desserts. It is far easier to be creative with desserts and baking. An easy one for kids or even adult is red, white and blue ice pops that they sell at grocery stores. Another fun option is yogurt ice pops that are easy to make from home. The creativity will really show if you put some fruit in your DIY at home yogurt ice pops. That is a favorite of mine during the summer.

Music Playlist

There is no right or wrong music for a Fourth of July party. Just make a Spotify playlist or play some tunes from the radio. As long as the beat is good and people are dancing, your party will be great. Especially if this is an outdoor/pool party, you’re going to need good music. I have Bose outdoor speakers that I have inserted into my pool area. This prevents injury from drunk guests. Try to avoid having loose wires for people to trip on at all costs. You don’t want anyone leaving your party on a stretcher.

Fourth of July

Add Sparklers To Your Party

Party Activities

Everyone knows that this holiday is associated with fireworks and sparklers. While fireworks may not be as safe as an option, I say buy sparklers for your friends instead. Sparklers are fun and beautiful to light up the night sky. As a bonus, they don’t make as much noise and are not as dangerous. Although, I still wouldn’t give them to unsupervised children. If treated responsibly, this will be a way to make your party memorable and create some really amazing pictures. If you enjoyed reading this, check out my last post about taking a break from social media.