October 2, 2017

About Me

Viola B. Peterson

A photo of me on one of my many travels.

A photo of me out adventuring, as usual.

Welcome to 38 Is Too Late! I’m always happy to find out that my blog has new readers. That means I could be helping someone anywhere in the world. My name is Viola and I live in San Diego, working as a freelance writer. This gives me the opportunity to plan my work around my own hours so I have time for traveling. I’m also a 30-year-old woman who has recently discovered just how crucial it is to make the most out of life.

My Revelation

For most of my early twenties, I was in a rut. I had just graduated from the University of San Diego and had no idea what I really wanted in life. Instead of doing some self-exploration, I avoided my thoughts by partying several times a week. I didn’t want to think about the present or the future. For some time, I went on this way until one of my friends invited me on a road trip with her. I had never been one for traveling, but I figured I’d go with her because I didn’t have any real obligations. I’m so glad I did. We drove from California to New York, meeting all different kinds of people. Through traveling, I learned that I needed to make the most of life. Now, I have a solid job and hobbies that I love.

“38 Is Too Late” can mean many things. But, to me, it means that you shouldn’t wait until you’re older to start enjoying life and accomplishing your goals. In fact, I believe any age is too late for that. You need to do it now instead of later. Stuck in a dead-end job? How about an unhappy marriage? Believe it or not, but you can find ways out of these horrible situations. You owe it to yourself to do things that make you happy.

Everyone’s experience is different. That’s why I love to hear from my readers. Please visit my contact page to share your personal experience with me.